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    Dragonspeed BR Engineering BR1 Gibson
    Rebellion R13 Gibson(2)
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2019 starts here...
umm, not much yet
Down to the archive....
  • Well the Ginettas have some sponsorship. Perrin??
  • All Le Mans P1 entrants here
  • All the runners:-
  • All the details & pics at DSC
  • Great analysis of Rebellion R13 at
  • wec-rebellion r13-technical-analysis-6
  • Guess we'll have to change the Ginetta render at thetop - this is how they look when they go racing...
  • Not sure where to put this - Formula E or LMP? but it sure looks like the future...
  • Jackie Chan DC Racing looking at LMP1 for 2020 DSC
  • Toyota refreshed
  • ByKolles in livery
  • Second Ginetta P1- will run at Prologue
  • SMP BR1 - more at DSC
  • Dragonspeed BR1
  • Rebellion P1 livery - yes that's TVR...
  • Embedded
  • Too early for April joke?
  • byKolles mods shake down at Donauwörth airfield
  • Rebellion ORECA official livery pics
  • Kolles, BR1 & Ginetta testing at Motorland Aragon -
  • Toyota for the Super Season
  • ORECA build Rebellion R13 - exclusive to Rebellion - SC365
  • Covers off @ Ginetta
  • Ginetta first test video
  • Here it is more @DSC
  • Ginetta G60 reveal Thursday 11:00 - live here
  • Ginetta LMP1 will be called G60-LT-P1 - DSC
  • ByKolles testing new aero @ Almeria - DSC
    • more testing in February
  • FIA/ACO LMP1 equivalency rules revealed - SC365
  • Official confirmation of 2018/19 from Toyota -
  • Mechachrome LMP1 engine details - DSC
  • Rebellion P1 announcement imminent - all gold/platinum driver line up revealed DSC
    • Exclusive ORECA deal said to include engineering - DSC
  • Ginetta reveal 11th Jan @ AI
  • ByKolles confirm WEC participation - DSC
    • also testing today @ Aragon
  • BR1 testing @ Aragon - "we expect to be able to win immediately" - Dmitry Samorukov -
  • say Rebellion will run 2 LMP1 ORECAs
  • Seems still to be some confusion about the LMP1 rules for 2018 - so clarification from ACO (our highlights):-

    • •    From 2018/2019, and in the future, there will only be one category (and consequently one classification) in LMP1

      •    To make it as accessible as possible to join this category from the 2018-2019 season onwards, the level of performance of the current non-hybrid LMP1 regulations managed via equivalence of technologies will be aligned with the current LMP1 hybrid regulations.

      •    Each competitor entered in LMP1 will have the same potential of performance independent of the type engine power used. Very clearly there will always be a slight advantage for the hybrid engine in terms of autonomy related to lower fuel consumption.

      •    There will be no changes made to the current chassis regulations (only LMP1 chassis will be eligible) but to facilitate the access to LMP1, more choice and engine power options will be offered. Depending on the selected criteria, an Equivalence of Technology will be implemented between turbo compressed and normally aspirated engines (as done in the past between petrol and diesel).

      All these decisions will apply for the next two seasons.

  • Toyota confirm 2018/19 WEC participation - SC365
  • Dragonspeed to run LMP1 BR1-Gibson in WEC - DSC
    • more on Gibson 4.5ltr GL458 LMP1 engine - DSC
  • BR1 LMP1 launch
  • AER P60B details - DSC
  • Further Ginetta LMP1 progress - DSC
  • Ginetta take delivery of first Mechachrome engine for its LMP1 - DSC
  • Thoughts (and insider insight) on future of DPi & LMP1 from Marshall Pruettt -
  • Manor to go LMP1 with Ginetta DSC
  • Dragonspeed will go LMP1 in WEC for 2018 -
  • Gazoo President say Toyota wil compete in WEC in 2018 - EVO
  • LMP1 future - in depth analysis at DSC
    • Global scope - much in common with "DPi2"
      • single hybrid system
      • single aero kit
      • visual elements from road cars
      • "GT Proto" term in use...
      • Ford, Toyota, McLaren & Aston Martin interested
    • Privateers have 4 season stability
      • matching hybrids on lap times
      • but not fuel economy
    • FIA approval expected in December
  • Benoit Morand has plans for hybrid LMP1 -
    • "The partners I'm talking to are interested in winning at the 24 Hours of Le Mans"
  • Toyota LMP1 development frozen - Pascal Vasselon interview - SC365
    • "awaiting details on what performance allocations the privateers will be given"
    • "I don’t think we have an absolute deadline when we need to say yes or no"
    • " it’s reasonably easy to say no"
    • " It’s easy to stop at any time"

Revised Judd V10 announced for 2018 LMP1 - SC365

  • BR1 LMP1 testing -
    • Dallara built chassis
    • Available for customers with a range of engines

Rebellion likely to go with ORECA's LMP1 - SC365

Peugeot commit to World Rallycross - WEC or LM24 now unlikely - DSC

Ginetta confirms 3 LMP1 cars sold - DSC

It lives! byKolles Enso CLM P1 / 01 Nismo testing @ Hungaroring - website

Anyone know what ENSO is? Google doesn't!

IMSA & ACO working on common global prototype regs for 2020 - SC365

More on ORECA 09 - SC365

Silverstone back in revised WEC 18/19 calendar - DSC

"LMP1 class will have a “good number of cars” next year" Gerard Neveu - SC365

Ginetta P1 to test in October -Autocar

is this it? wing supports say G57...

03, 05, 07, ORECA 09 hinted in this presser? Not an LMP2...

Am I detecting a possible Cadillac DPi entry for LM24 here

Peugeot - Porsche stopping " both a threat and an opportunity for us" - DSC

Alpine - "We must position ourselves quickly on the future" endurance-info

"We had suggested the basic principle of DPI but we were not heard"

ACO wish to have common regs for LMP1 and DPi for 2020 - SC365

Be sure to read DSC's piece to get a perspective on this momentous day in prototype racing...

OK, here is the future of LMP1, read Pierre Fillon's words first... facebook

  1. single LMP1 class
  2. hybrid & not to have "same potential performance"
  3. EoT between turbo & not
  4. spec stability through 2021
  5. 2020 hybrid regs "substantially altered"
  6. 8 race calendar starting Ricard Prologue April 1918 to LM24 2019

Just summarising without the spin: WEC in 2018 is down to 4 rounds and 1 LMP1 team...

Silverstone, Nurburgring, Mexico, USA & Bahrain gone...

Wirth considering LMP1 if customer forthcoming -

McLaren could do LMP1 -

Thoughtful piece on LMP1 future @ DSC

How about this rumour - Dome Honda for LMP1 with Alonso & Button...

New Ginetta render

Perrinn drop LMP1 plans

" there are more complication with the project " - website

...more at DSC - was going to be Dacia branded

ART Racing Services still looking for LMP1

Interesting tweets ...

Ginetta wind tunnel testing - video and notes at DSC and more - track testing in November - DSC

Updated render - on track in November - plan for 10 chassis

Morand plans LMP1 program -

Christopher Foster looks @ LMP1privateer - DSC

& Stef Schrader has a (very) similar take -

    byKolles / Adess History racecarengineering

    Perrinn have sold 2 LMP1s for 2018 - DSC & more

    Ginetta P1 could have manufacturer variations - SC365

    "Half a dozen" LMP1-Ps for 2018 - SC365

    Ginetta LMP1 more details - DSC

  • BR Engineering P1 making progress -
    • running in October
    • customer cars available
  • Rebellion back in LMP1 for 2019 -
  • Mecachrome to power Ginetta LMP1 -
  • ARC Bratislava LMP1 plan in doubt -
    • " Honnêtement, pour le moment je ne peux pas dire que c’est l’objectif à atteindre."
  • PERRINN offering 4WD KERS on their LMP1 - website
  • Kolles car is now called ENSO - is it this one? or this one? or what?
  • SMP confirm LMP1 BR1 with Dallara & ART Grand Prix -
  • ByKolles switches to Nissan power -
    • available for customers in 2018
  • Perrin re-emerges with LMP1 offering for 2018 -
  • More from Ginetta on the LMP1 project -
  • Manor to run Ginetta LMP1 in 2018 -
    • "partners rather than simple customers"
  • ADESS moves to Lisbon, Carlos Tavares (ex Nissan, Renault, CEO of PSA) joins and will "keep an eye on LMP1" -
  • More on the Ginetta LMP1 - and analysis
    • 3 two car teams planned
    • 10 chassis in production
    •  Mechachrome turbo V6
    • Adrian Reynard & Paolo Catone involved
    • ARC Bratislava & PRT mentioned
    • suddenly LMP1-L is big! add BR & ESM to Kolles & you get 12 @ LM24 2018...
  • ESM looking at 2018 Le Mans LMP1-L entry with Nissan - Japanese Samuri on 10 10ths
    • ...careful, this could be a rumour we started with this on 10 10ths earlier!
  • Ginetta working on 2018 LMP1-L Privateer - close to announcement -
  • But...
  • BR / Dallara / ART P1 project not progressing -
  • Ollie Webb on ByKolles chances next year
    • and the pace of the new P2s...
  • More teams plan for LMP1 Privateer in 2018 -
    • chassis changes put back to 2019 0r 2020
  • Not short of sponsors - or stickers anyway - Kolles @ Bahrain
  • BR Engineering to LMP1 in 2018 -
    • with SMP Racing, Dallara and ART Grand Prix
  • ORECA on LMP1, DPi & much more -
  • Adess looking at LMP1 entry -
  • From the P2 & DPi pages - this could be LMP2 news - but we think there's more to it:
  • "Pierre Fillon on LM24 future -
    • We are currently working/talking with General Motors, Cadillac, as well as Nissan "
    • With Cadillac, Bentley (with Rebellion?), Nissan and Mazda coming in via DPi could "Privateer P1" be replaced soon by "Convential Power P1" in LM24 & WEC?
    • At least 6 car 2nd class for LM24...
      • -Better than just Kolles left in P1-L
      • -Better than "messing up" new spec P2
  • Rebellion considering 2017 DPi program -
    • may convert LMP1s to LMP2 or DPi
  • Stakka still open to 2017 LMP1 effort
    • or new LMP2 for a year
  • Kolles Audiesque new nose(
  • Manor "interested" in LMP1-
  • LMP1 Privateer discussions at Ricard - details -
    • Attendees:
      • Rebellion Racing
      • ByKolles
      • Onroak
      • Oreca
      • SMP
      • Strakka
      • AER
      • Gibson
      • Judd
  • byKolles
  • OK so "historic" news from here on down - for the sake of completeness!
  • Courage have LMP1 plans-
  • Campos LMP1 -
    • do the Spanish have "Christmas Fools Day"?
    • ...apparently they do!
  • Private LMP1 teams talk changes to ACO -
    • Greaves, Strakka, BR & OAK join in
    • Air restrictors & GT3 engines possible
    • Beaumesnil comments -
  • Interesting post on F1 Technical Forum
    • "Building 9 is housing an Adrian Newey designed LMP1 car based on an Audi PU for 2016 Le Mans"
    • Building 9 is Red Bull's secret Skunk Works at MK....
  • More thoughts on Privateer LMP1 @
    • Greaves were considering an ORECA/Rebellion
    • BR Engineering project still active but not before 2017
  • Kolles order 2 new chassis - possible 2 entries in 2016 -
  • Greaves and Strakka LMP1 programmes will not proceed -
  • AIM Judd power for LMP1 privateers - PR
  • Glickenhaus plan for LMP1 in 2017 -
  • Alpine P1 move not with ORECA but "a different well-known french LMP constructor" -
  • All-new Ligier LMP2 for 2017 -
    • French version - mentions continued interest in LMP1
    • "being in LMP1 allows for development - not the case in LMP2"
  • Alpine may move to P1 -
    • if new P2 regs disallow rebranding
      • Move to ex-Greaves Gibson in LMP2 for rest of 2015
      • Dome S103 to be test mule for in-house P1
      • build at expanded Silverstone base
      • check out the #WelcomingMoreLMP1Privateers hashtag - how many more?
        • see our list
        • possibly add BR Engineering (SMP) now
        • but goodbye to the Dome LMP1 below...
    • New pics of Dome LMP1 model
      • and see the brilliant magazine its in...
      • why can't we get something like this in UK/USA?
    • SARD will run 2016 LMP1 programme -
      • "some WEC LMP2 later this season"
      • Have split from Morand (except for team name @ LM24)
      • Interesting story from AER -
        • talking with other teams about LMP1
      Kairos plans outlined post-Morand -
      • 3yr program to LMP1 with Greaves
    • Wolf still planning new LMP2 for 2016 -
      • will move to P1 after 2017 if not allowed in P2
    • Strakka review possibilities -
      • 2nd Dome LMP2 available for 2016
      • LMP1 return "is one of our wishes"