Formula E

Team Powertrain Notes
Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler ABT Schaeffler FE02 Audi manufacturer team
Andretti Formula E Andretti Technologies ATEC-02 BMW manufacturer involvement
DS Virgin Racing DS-Virgin DSV-02  
Dragon Racing Penske 701-EV Penske Autosport manufacturer team - Faraday branding gone - Porsche engineers in team
Panasonic Jaguar Racing Jaguar I-Type 1 Jaguar Land Rover manufacturer team
Mahindra Racing Mahindra M3 ELECTRO with Magnetti Marelli Mahindra manufacturer team
NIO Formula E Team NextEV TCR Formula 002 NextEV branding gone - now "NIO OEM Team"
Renault e.dams Renault Z.E. 17 Renault manufacturer team - rebrand to Nissan for season 5
TECHEETAH Renault Z.E. 16  
Venturi Formula E Team Venturi VM200-FE-02  Venturi manufacturer team - maybe Mercedes drivers in season 4
New team for season 5   Could be interim Mercedes team with HWA & Mahindra power
New team for season 5   Available for $25million...
BMW manufacturer team season 5   Could go with Andretti
DS (Citroen (PSA)) manufacturer team season 5   Was with Virgin, Could go with Techeeta
Mercedes manufacturer team season 6   Could go with HWA
Porsche manufacturer team season 6 Porsche Could go with Penske in season 5
Fiat Chrysler possible involvement Magnetti Marelli are FCA company Maserati favourite brand...
  • Some details of possible HWA (Mercedes) season 5 effort - SC365
  • Nissan to replace Renault at e.Dams -
  • Try this Tweet with the sound up!
  • And here is the Audi
  • Renault tweaks for Season 4
  • Audi relaunch 27th Sept 19:00 CEST - live presentation
  • Jaguar new livery - car details at website
  • Jaguar one make support series for 2018
  • New Jaguar livery at testing
  • Season 4 entry announced - website
    • Changes in table below
    • Audi to prominance
    • Faraday Future out
    • NextEV out
  • Porsche will not buy existing team - website
    • Starting own team based in Weissach
    • keeping all staff and drivers
    • but Jani joins Dragon for 17/18 - Current E
  • Interesting team analysis and predictions -
  • "Expect surprises" on 2018 car - Jean Todt -
    • halo not screen
    • rear venturi
    • departure from Spark releases
    • testing from October 17
    • previous pics:- (see changes to ones down the page)
  • Wirth 2018 tender submission
  • Season 4 "Silly Season" rumours - and video
  • Bridge advert at Montreal ePrix today
  • Rumours at Montreal of FIAT Chrysler joining
  • Newby? take a look at the teams to get a feel for Formula E in 2017/18 and going forward
    • & a technical roundup - spec chassis, spec battery but wide variety of powertrains explained...
  • Porsche confirm 2019/20 Formula E entry - press release
    • “For us, Formula E is the ultimate competitive environment for driving forward the development of high-performance vehicles in areas such as environmental friendliness, efficiency, and sustainability.”

      Development of Porsche’s Formula E car has already begun

  • Mercedes confirms switch from DTM to FE in 2019/20 -
  • 2017/18 calendar revealed -
  • Nissan could take over Renault's place -
  • BMW partner with Andretti as official works team for 2018/19
  • Ferrari "needs FE presence" says CEO -
  • published on 1st April...
  • McLaren "looking to get more involved" in FE -
    • "...starting a team, buying a team, working with a team..."
  • Nine manufacturers accepted for 2018 to 2021
    • DS
    • Abt / AUDI
    • Mahindra
    • Renault
    • Jaguar Land Rover
    • NEXTEV
    • BMW
    • Penske Autosport
    • Venturi
    • - Mercedes could be customer team in 2018/19 before moving to manufacturer
  • BMW granted manufacturer status -
  • Audi completes takeover of ABT -
    • full factory effort from 2017/18
  • 2018/19 car surfaces
  • Dan's take
  • 10 year roadmap for FE development -
  • Zak Brown's Motorsport Network aquires FE shareholding -
    • love the statements:-
      • "The intelligence we can add to this picture is a discernible trend among our digital motorsport audiences to consume the racing content from Formula E..."
      • "The investment decision made by Motorsport Network has been evidence-based - a data-led decision..."
    • "digital motorsport audiences" - that's you!
  • This from Audis PR page:-
    • " Audi with new motorsport strategy: Formula E instead of WEC "
    • “We’re going to contest the race for the future on electric power,” 
  • Ferrai entry "possible" - see terms & conditions -
  • Some interesting technical background - FE website
  • NextEV "fresh start"
  • Faraday Future livery
  • Mercedes sign option for 2018 series - BBC
  • Season 5 timeline
  • BMW partner with Andretti -
    • "precursor to futher involvement"
    • full manufacturer team possible for 2018/19
  • Jaguar go with Panasonic
  • Audi increase involvement
  • Jaguar runs
  • New front wing debuts
  • Update on entrants and prospects -
    • Honda and Nissan possibles
  • First pics of Jaguar FE
    • full reveal July 2-3 @  Battersea Park (not sure this happened...)



    Specs of Spark-Renault SRT_01E the generation 1 car - web site