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6 July 2021

More press releases:-

Mariantic Dossier (WIP)

Toyota  GR010

Press Release 15 Jan 2021

WEC Programme

The Car


Mariantic Dossier (WIP)





Eligibility for IMSA in doubt due to road car production of 2,500 units per year requirement -

Mariantic Dossier (WIP)

Porsche LMDh

Porsche newsroom 16 Dec 2020

Porsche Motorsport and Team Penske have agreed to collaborate closely in fielding a new LMDh vehicle, commencing in 2023. newsroom 4 May 2021

Porsche and Multimatic are partners in new hybrid racing class newsroom 18 May 2021

Possible privateers - Proton Competition (with Multimatic involvement)

Audi LMDh concept

Audi Media Center 29 April 2021 Press Release

Concept stage for new Audi sports prototype largely completed

Close cooperation with fellow group brand Porsche

First race initally planned for January 2023 at the Daytona 24 Hours

Now concentrating on WEC


Acura Announces LMDh Plan for WeatherTech Championship in 2023

Press release from Acura Motorsports, Torrance, California 26 Jan 2021

“Acura Motorsports today confirmed it will continue to compete in the top category of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship in 2023 under the new Le Mans Daytona hybrid (LMDh) format.”

"BMW M Motorsport is returning to international prototype racing. A LMDh car is being developed for use in the North American IMSA series. From the 2023 season, this car will allow BMW M Motorsport to compete for overall race wins at such prestigious classics as Daytona, Sebring and Road Atlanta"

Website 11 Jun 2021 8th Sept 2021 - Dallara chassis confirmed

Ferrari LMH initial announcement and links

Press Release 7 June 2021

Interview with Lamborghini senior motorsport manager Chris Ward

By Marshall Pruett

Alpine A480 - Grandfathered LMP1 ex Rebellion

Run by the multiple LMP2 title-winning Signatech team

Could be replaced by LMH or LMPh car in 2023 - WEC entry could be allowed until then

Thinking & Plans

ByKOLLES confirms PMC Project LMH for 2021

Website 18 Sept 2020

Seems a bit "on hold" nothing on website since

& see Jan 2021-


PMC links to Lotus MotorCycles ... odd?

Update mid Sept 2021 - Project to have 4 chassis by end of 2021 (two race, 1 track-day & 1 road) seems a bit more credible now... let's see!

Mariantic Dossier (WIP)

Cadillac Confirm LMDh Programme In IMSA And WEC -

Dallara chassis with new GM engine

“We need to have a rear wing per the regulations,” (program manager Laura Wontrop Klauser) said. “What we wanted to share with everybody was the vision. That was one of the very early renderings that sold the program in the company and got us excited about it.
“It was too cool not to share. I think you’ll see as announcements continue to come and if we have visuals, you’ll see the car evolving into where it’s going to be when it hits the pavement.

<---I assume the asymmetrical rear fins were a joke too...