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Convergence - OK it's really going to happen! LMH and LMDh will converge...this site is completely revamping to show the timeline of the cars appearing and racing and the news as it happens

The Timeline

-Toyota in WEC
-Glickenhaus in WEC from Portimao
-Peugeot reveal 6 July - testing December

- Cadillac announcement due ahead of LM24
-Lamborghini decision before end of 2021 -ByKOLLES "unlikely to race this year"

-Peugeot from mid WEC season (may do LM24)
-Toyota & Glickenhaus full WEC
-ByKOLLES aiming for WEC
-Audi/Porsche roll out "first quarter"
-Ferrari testing "second quarter"

-Audi & Porsche from Daytona - WEC as well
-Acura from Daytona
-Toyota to Daytona, PLM
-Glickenhaus aim to do IMSA but don't meet OEM status...
-Ferrari "2023 season - WEC only "
-BMW "2023 IMSA season"

-Further VW brands? Bentley?
-Further Stellantis brands? Dodge?
-Ferrari to Daytona?
-Lexus LMDh?
-Lamborghini LMDh?

The News
  • 31 July 21 - Lamborghini Nearing LMDh Decision - sportscar365
    • Plans 2024 entry to WEC & IMSA with top GT3 teams & VW Multimatic base
    • “The first step is to get the approval.”
  • 28 July 21 - Cadillac announcement due ahead of LM24 Aug 21 -
    • Chip Ganassi to expand to 2 cars in 2022 IMSA DPi ahead of 2023 LMDh programme
    • GM 2023 programme "with multiple cars—possibly spread across IMSA and FIA WEC"
  • 23 July 21 - Toyota Will “Obviously Consider” IMSA Outings with LMH Car - sportscar365
    • No Lexus rebranding for IMSA...
    • “If and when the timing is right for us (Lexus) to go prototype [racing], it would be with an LMDh car.”
  • 21 July 21 - Ferrari hopes to race hypercar in IMSA following WEC convergence -
  • 20 July 21 - LMH Manufacturers Must Meet IMSA Criteria for Eligibility - sportscar365
    • OEM participation in LMDh requires a road car production of 2,500 units per year
  • 19 July 21 - IMSA President: Prototype Convergence “Very Satisfying” for the Sport - sportscar365
  • 17 July 21 - Lamborghini Representatives On Site (Monza WEC), Privateer Hypercar Interest Growing -
  • 16 July 21 - Dodge brand being considered for IMSA return based on Peugeot LMH
  • 16 July 21 - Peugeot Sport: Focused On WEC – ... Options In America Across Stellantis Group
  • 15 July 21 - 2 Glickenhaus SCG 007s at WEC 6Hrs Monza - paddock pics -
  • 13 July 21 -Peugeot 9X8 on display at Monza WEC this weekend - - see tweet below
  • 9 July 21 -LMH Cars Eligible to Compete in IMSA From 2023 - sportscar365
    • Head of Peugeot LMH program, “Currently our program is WEC only. We are focused on this program in the WEC.”
  • 9 July 21 -WEC's Le Mans Hypercars allowed to compete in IMSA from 2023 -
    • Toyota ... expressed an interest in participating in at least some of the big IMSA enduros
    • Glickenhaus:- "I want to do Daytona and I want to (do) Sebring and why not Petit Le Mans as well?"
  • 6 July 21 -When Will We See Peugeot’s 9X8 On Track?
    • “The target has always been a mid-2022 debut,” ... “so it may be after Le Mans..."
  • 13 June 21 - Glickenhaus Set for “Big Learning Experience” on Debut - sportscar365
  • 11 June 21 - BMW LMDh, IMSA Programme, Dallara Chassis -
  • 4 May 21 - Porsche Penske Motorsport Set For Full-Season LMDh Entries In WEC & IMSA -
    • "The new LMDh vehicle will also be entered as a customer car in both series as early as the 2023 season"
  • 29 April 21 - Audi to offer LMDh to customer WEC and IMSA teams in '23 -
    • Project leader of factory racing at Audi Sport, said it is anticipated that customer cars would run alongside factory machines "right from the start".
  • 19 April 21 - Lamborghini “Still Working” on LMDh “Scenario” - sportscar365
  • 4 March 21- Cadillac: LMDh regs have “caught our attention” -
    • “The way that our program works is as a customer program,”
    • "...the teams buy the chassis from Dallara and lease the engines from ECR. We don’t dictate whether or not they race..."
  • 21 Jan 21 - ByKOLLES looks unlikely to race in the series this year -
    • "It will be racing one day, but we are not under any pressure to race it," he (Colin Kolles) said
The Cars

6 July 2021

More press releases:-

Porsche LMDh

Porsche newsroom 16 Dec 2020

Porsche Motorsport and Team Penske have agreed to collaborate closely in fielding a new LMDh vehicle, commencing in 2023. newsroom 4 May 2021

Porsche and Multimatic are partners in new hybrid racing class newsroom 18 May 2021

Audi LMDh concept

Audi Media Center 29 April 2021 Press Release

Concept stage for new Audi sports prototype largely completed

Close cooperation with fellow group brand Porsche

First race planned for January 2023 at the Daytona 24 Hours




Acura Announces LMDh Plan for WeatherTech Championship in 2023

Press release from Acura Motorsports, Torrance, California 26 Jan 2021

“Acura Motorsports today confirmed it will continue to compete in the top category of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship in 2023 under the new Le Mans Daytona hybrid (LMDh) format.”

"BMW M Motorsport is returning to international prototype racing. A LMDh car is being developed for use in the North American IMSA series. From the 2023 season, this car will allow BMW M Motorsport to compete for overall race wins at such prestigious classics as Daytona, Sebring and Road Atlanta"

Website 11 Jun 2021

Ferrari LMH initial announcement and links

Press Release 7 June 2021

ByKOLLES confirms PMC Project LMH for 2021

Seems a bit "on hold"

Website 18 Sept 2020

PMC links to Lotus MotorCycles ... odd?


Cadillac - platform? Dallara? but so is BMW...
Customer cars by Audi and Porsche
US Stellantis brands on Peugeot platform - Dodge, Chrysler


McLaren - LMH
Other VW brands- on Multimatic platform? Lamborghini, Bugatti, Bentley
EU Stellantis brands on Peugeot platform - Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lancia

Past, Future & Fantasty

Porsche Vision 918 RS (2019)

Porsche Unseen: Hypercars

Not the racers but fascinating design projects - many pictures and details - essential hyperlink...

Daniel Hounsell's designs have always interested me.

I reckon the "real" designers pick up an idea or two here!

PAN_NULLO's sportscar graphics are just the best

SCG 007 and GR010 HY - no doubt more to come...


Dodge Vision GT - OK it's a video game - but see story

Dodge brand being considered for IMSA return based on Peugeot LMH

...aerodynamics do look a bit like the 9X8

Another Vision GT could this Lamborghini fit on the VW Multimatic chassis? -
Many Bentley concepts to choose from - this will do till we get closer :)
LM24 2024 is the guess...


Press release 4 Dec 2019 - this one didn't happen

All the old Mariantic stuff is archived