sportscar racing news


  • It's all happening in sportscar racing...
  • New LMP2 for 2017 will also be the premier P (or DPi) class in IMSA - follow the announcements from the rule makers and the manufacturers
  • LMP3 is the new beginner's prototype class - see new cars and teams as they appear
  • We'll keep an eye on legacy classes DP and PC too (on the LMP2 page)
  • Just click the cars above to visit the pages for each class
  • We have launched a site dedicated to DPis here
  • Cadillac, Mazda, NISSAN - just for starters
  • Formula E updates here - not a full site yet but I think it will be...
  • Jaguar, AUDI, Citroen, Renault, BMW can't be wrong - can they?


  • We are not continuing with our GT coverage - underwhelmed by GTE, somewhat disappointed with the Ford programme and the rest of GT3 etc - too confusing...