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Mariantic has followed the new LMP2 and LMP3 as they were born and became huge successes, but we always relish change and innovation, so the emphasis here has changed to the Top Classes:-  
The future is beginning to get clearer... so we've done a working document to try and make sense of it here

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IMSA Prototype
and 2020 Vision
  • 2020 ACO LMP regs published:-
    • run from September 2020 to 2025
    • replace LMP1
    • rear drive by 4 stroke reciprocating unrestricted cc engine - turbo or NA
    • engine from production road car (at least 25 built - 100 by year 2)
    • front wheel MGU-K, also production based with same numbers
    • moveable aerodynamics front & rear
    • “Body shape will not be dictated by aerodynamics ... but by the marque’s distinctive design features"
    • So - no "generic" cars - must be based on homologated production car - shape, ICE & ERS
    • 5 EVO allowed updates over 5 seasons
    • Details at DSC and SC365
    • pdf from FIA - here has full (very) details
  • "Explorer" here
  • Hypothetical cars (from ACO & DSC):-
  • Aston Martin
  • BMW
  • Ford
  • Ferrari?/McLaren?
  • Glickenhaus
  • IMSA reaction
  • And a few sketches from Dan Hounsell
  • Archives
  • The "old" sportscar site is still here but not updated any more
  • Our archives are still available: 2014/15, 2013/14
  • Blast from the past... The DPi Dossier
  • We also have our Formula E page -